Elink initiative

Elink initiative

Elink is an initiative from Amsterdam Connecting Trade (ACT) in collaboration with Schiphol Smartgate Cargo (a public private collaboration between Dutch Customs, Air Cargo Netherlands and Schiphol Group).

The aim is to reduce customs clearing times and reduce unnecessary paper in the supply chain. The existing ACN pass that all drivers need to load /offload cargo on the premises of Schiphol airport has been expanded into a “smartcard”.  Instead of driving around with heaps of paper for every parcel picked up or delivered, the truck driver can now simply load all necessary information regarding his customs cleared shipments onto the card.

Arriving at one of the handling companies at Schiphol, the driver can enter the premises through number plate recognition and identification through the ACN pass. After this the driver hands over his ACN pass and the necessary information and responsibility of the shipment is transferred to the next party in the supply chain, automatically assigning the driver a door to off load hos cargo.

This innovative procedure that is aligned with all customs procedures already has resulted in a 25% reduction in time of some processes. Elink distinguishes AMS in creating more efficiency and reliability in the air cargo supply chain!For an impression how Elink works, please click here to watch a recently published movie clip

bron : http://www.schiphol.nl/B2B/Cargo/CargoNews2/ElinkInitiative.htm

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